What architecture needs to know from Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report

24 June, 2019

Mary Meeker, dubbed Queen of the Net, released her annual Internet trends report earlier this month.

The 333-slide presentation was hotly anticipated because its expert analysis helps inform the decisions that businesses must make over the next 12 months.

Here are Archiboo’s six takeaways.

Mobile first

We have heard it before, but Meeker re-states that computer use is on the decline and of the 3.8 billion people using the Internet, many more are using their mobile phone to be connected. For anyone re-designing their website, a mobile first strategy looks increasingly wise.

Visual communication

People are “increasingly telling stories via edited images and videos,” Meeker points out. This is because technology developments like faster Wi-Fi and better phone cameras have encouraged a surge in image taking.

Instagram is up to 1 billion monthly active users, and more than 50% of Twitter impressions include images, videos or other media. Whether it’s sharing more photos on social media or simply creating more content around imagery, now’s the time to focus on photos and video.

Data is king.

Businesses, consumers, and even regulators are all “drinking from the data fire hose”, says Meeker referring to the sheer amount of data that is collected, stored in the cloud, optimised, and analysed by AI to streamline processes, target products, and improve customer satisfaction.

For architects data has many applications starting with improving business processes and relationships and as a key part of the design process.

Cyber attacks

Meeker talks about a rise in not only state-sponsored attacks, but also large-scale data provider attacks and crypto extortion and ransomware with attacks becoming faster and more targeted toward sensitive data.

With cyber attacks on practices increasing – one in six practices have reported being a victim of cyber attacks – and architects increasingly relying on cloud services to store information to work collaboratively, this is a huge problem the industry has not properly addressed.


Video consumption keeps growing and while architects have been slow to spot videos potential for marketing, the real growth could be in architectural education where there is a surge of people demanding education online – 59 per cent of Generation Z use video as a preferred learning tool.

Tech sector as client

Technology is officially dominating the corporate world. Meeker says that out of the 10 most valuable companies in the world per market capitalisation, seven are operating mainly in technology. Microsoft is the biggest technology company according to Meeker’s report, followed by Amazon, Apple, and Alphabet.