Designing an award-winning website, an Archiboo white paper

17 September, 2019

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There’s a lot on the internet about web design – what it takes to get noticed and how to communicate in ways that are engaging. 

Mainly this advice is targeted at e-commerce sites and clever ways to convert the casual browser into a purchaser. 

Architects’ websites are not about selling directly. They’re about portraying who you are as a practice in order to attract clients. But the two types of website, the one that’s selling online and the other that’s more of a shop window, are closer than you think – or should be. 

My favourite e-commerce sites have clean product pages, sophisticated, descriptive copy and clear, concise messaging. For example, fashion websites are taking a lead from Stella McCartney to talk about their efforts to save the environment and many of them make use of ‘social proof’ with star-rated reviews from past purchasers. 


A consistent tone of voice across all its channels has made Stella McCartney one of the strongest brands in fashion


But it’s the customer-centric design and navigation that’s the important takeaway. Whether mobile or desktop, an e-commerce website has to be intuitive so when someone sees it, they know exactly what to do. But this is not always the case with architects’ websites because they are not designed for users, they are designed for other architects. 

‘Stories’ is an immersive editorial section on Rapha’s website that is constantly updated


In researching this White Paper we have spoken  to past winners of the Archiboo Web Awards and we have also looked at the websites across the spectrum, from the big retailers to niche brands. 

We have asked designers what architects get wrong, but most of our focus is on what they are doing right.

We have talked to practices about their content strategy, why video is on the rise, and to digital experts on the changes in social media. Running through all this is the need to be aware of the audience, and the different ways users interact with you to ensure they keep coming back.


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