What the judges are looking for – Best Use of Innovation and Best Use of Technology

28 June, 2017

This year the Archiboo Web Awards sees the return of the popular Best Use of Technology category and the introduction of the Best Use of Innovation category. The latter is in recognition of those looking to communicate in unique and creative ways and how this is being approached.

In 2016, Best Use of Technology category was won by BDP. Radek Kaminski, BDP’s Web and Intranet Manager, has returned this year – this time as a judge. Kaminski spoke to us about what he is looking for from entrants and why he believes BDP was successful last year.

Kaminski says one reason is BDP’s approach to social media: “Social media was one of the key tenets and our designers thought carefully about how we could integrate it within the user experience. With Pinterest, which we see a large portion of our audience using, we ensured the tech was integrated to allow people to pin content without needing a plugin or add-on. We actually found this helped increase our social media presence as well.”

“Our integrated share tools have also been widely appreciated by our editors and it allows them to share their own content in a few clicks.”

New technology must save time in the long term and all changes must go through a thorough review process. “We look for technology that is future proof, easy to develop for and can be integrated into our existing setup – it must not be closed off.” Kaminski says, “We also carefully examine the initial and ongoing costs.”

“For instance, we decided on Episerver, because it’s flexible, uses a developer language we are familiar with and gives us scope to be creative. We also examined their product roadmap and this was a large factor for us.”

That product roadmap was essential and it had to align with Kaminski’s view on future trends. “Personalisation is something we already have a lot of focus on and that will continue to expand. Our website displays different pages and layouts depending on the user’s location, viewing profile and other factors. Given that we have many solutions as a business this helps us ensure that the most relevant solution is highlighted to a viewer.”

So, what approach to technology is Kaminski looking for from entrants this year? “I’m looking for those who are ahead of the curve and using technology that enhances the user experience and makes their journey faster. I’m also interested to see examples of how technology is informing you – we use insight a lot at BDP to help with planning.”

And when it comes to innovation? “In our industry, it all comes down to making our lives, and the lives of our clients, easier. For example, we’ve been using VR to help clients explore designs. I’m curious to see how entrants are using current and future technologies to help improve the communication of their architecture.”

What we’re looking for in Best Use of Technology

The Judges – Del Hossain, MD, Adrem Group; Radek Kaminski, Website and Intranet Manager, BDP; Thomas Telford, MD & Co-Founder, 3WhiteHats
  • A creative but robust approach to website technology
  • Clear connections between your technology and how it is improving the journey of your audience
  • Finally, we want to see websites that have a brilliant experience across browsers and devices
  • Examples could be: social integration, smarter navigation, clever measurement tools, or a combination

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What we’re looking for in Best Use of Innovation

The Judges – Jacob Loftus, Founder & CEO, General Projects; Savvanah de Savray, Founder & CEO, Built-ID; Emily Wright, Features & Global Editor, Estates Gazette
  • Entrants who are pushing the boundaries
  • We want to hear about the creative ways you are using technology
  • You can be using old technology in new ways, or exploring the opportunities with technologies of the future
  • Finally, we want to see the logic behind your approach

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