Just concentrate on a few things that go to the heart of the pitch (video)

25 September, 2017

The winner of the last Architect Pitch, Francesco Draisci, of Draisci Studio talks about why he took up the challenge, how success benefitted the practice and some choice tips on how to win.

Why did you enter?

There are fewer opportunities to be able to display your ideas and work in front of a discerning audience these days and the Architect Pitch is an excellent platform for that. We thought we had some strong ideas which we wanted to share. And the good thing in pitching was the potential for a collaboration with a big developer – that made it very attractive.

How has winning helped the practice?

Since winning, we have opened up a very good relationship with HUB, on the future of interiors in London, particularly focused on rental accommodation and we are now in a working dialogue.

How did you go about putting your pitch together?

I looked at other pitches using the archiboo archive, which was very useful, not only at people’s presentations but also the feedback from the audience, gathering as much information as possible so I could make the pitch thoughtful and more clear.It is challenging because of the time constraints. You only have three minutes so it has to be condensed. You start with an enormous amount of detail, a vast draft of ideas to begin with, which has to be compressed. I personally have a lot of experience with university teaching and with lots of presentations of projects we do in the studio.

How did it go on the night?

 The night was very thrilling with lots of energy in the air, almost like an imaginary singer who must sing the song on stage and try and conquer the audience….


Francesco’s pitch to the HUB panel


What tips would you give pitch contenders?

It depends on the focus. But concentrate on the idea and on clarity of communication – that’s my best advice. In practical terms, share your ideas with others, rehearse with other people because as it’s time-based, you absolutely have to stick to the time available.And focus on the real priority – don’t give the story of your life. Just concentrate on a few things that go to the heart of the pitch. It’s not easy because it is sometimes hard to visualise what’s important, especially if one doesn’t have experience.

Finally, be absolutely authentic. Don’t try to act or be someone else, don’t try to copy – express your own actual, true ideas.

The Architect Pitch will be at MIPIM UK on October 17th 2018