Architect Pitch

Over the years, I’ve sat on a number of juries and panels and I became fascinated that the architect who is often picked is first and foremost a convincing salesman. Of course, put like this it sounds like a good presentation is all about money but this isn’t the case at all. Good salesmen and women never mention cash – they just make you want their product.

This is why I started the Architect Pitch. Clients were telling me that architects spend too time talking about the cladding or a detail that really didn’t interest them. Instead, they want to know what the architect was going to do for them and if he or she would be a good fit with their business.

The format is challenging. Putting across complex ideas in a strict three-minute slot is a very different skill to the one architects have been taught when the focus is often on a detailed architectural feature. Here, it’s all about selling your ideas, when clear communication and connection with the audience is key.

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