How to create your own word of mouth online

Friday 4th April, 2014 | 8.00-9.30

Vitra Ltd
30 Clerkenwell Rd, London EC1M 5PG

Anna Winston, editor of Dezeen, talked us through the basic do’s and don’ts of using non-traditional media as a way of building a profile for you and your business.
Anna’s top tips
  • Social media is curated. It’s not a natural reflection of yourself.
  • Don’t be stupid, be considered – even if you want to appear spontaneous.
  • As in life, if you have nothing interesting to say, best to shut up.
  • Have an opinion. Don’t be beige in the way you express it.
  • Focus on networks that play to your strengths, are easy to understand and use– and are fun.


Anna Winston is the editor of Dezeen, one of the internet's most influential design and architecture blogs with over three million visits a month. Before joining Dezeen, Anna was editor of, where she managed all of BD's platforms and online content. She has also worked as a digital consultant for a number of private organisations, advising them on social media, digital strategies and online development.