How to do a development appraisal – January 16

Thursday 16th January, 2020 | 17.00 - 20.30

Wedlake Bell LLP
71 Queen Victoria St, London EC4V 4AY

A development appraisal is the financial assessment that establishes the viability of a project and is an essential tool for any would-be developer.

In our first Small Sites conference, architect Catherine Burd said the “development appraisal is the most important thing one can do as an architect in order to understand ‘can we do this, how are we going to do this?’ because getting the right sites for the right price is incredibly important”.

Led by Developer Collective co-founder, Gus Zogolovitch, this is a hands-on session featuring alive project.

·      How do you value land?

·      What is a development appraisal?

·      What are the main terms used and what do they all mean?

·      How do they work?

·      How to use Excel for a development appraisal

·      A deep dive into an example going through the template

Each masterclass is 2.5 hours and includes networking drinks at the end of the session. All delegates will be sent the presentation slides.



Gus is co-founder of Developer Collective and as launched a series of companies to help change new build in the UK. This includes helping people source off-market opportunities for housing or land, finding finance and empowering people to build their own homes through self-build and custom build.