How to run a successful practice – Part 111

Friday 3rd October, 2014 | 8am-9.30am

Sto Werkstatt
7-9 Woodbridge Street,
London EC1R 0EX

All architectural work has to be won, and while some work does come through personal relationships and recommendations, most involves some kind of competitive submission.

But the common complaint is that having filled in all the paperwork, you never get any further. Equally dispiriting is to get onto the shortlist,  only to be told that the winning practice had more relevant experience.

While there are many reasons to be unhappy with the existing system, there are also ways of  lessening your chances of rejection says David Hamilton.


David is a senior member of the MRC team, responsible for strategic projects and heritage masterplanning. He also oversees our competitions’ department and takes a keen interest in emerging design practices.

An architect and masterplanner with over 15 years’ experience and a Master’s degree in City Design and Social Science, David has led on key recent projects, including devising the brief and advising the client on our successful design competitions for the Cadogan Estate and The Queen's College, Oxford.

He has been a guest critic for design studios at the Bartlett and the London School of Economics. He has a special expertise in projects defined by world-class architecture, has core skills in design strategy and practical experience of seeing complex projects through to completion.