Online masterclass – How to do a development appraisal


Since 2019 the Developer Collective has run masterclasses on small-scale property development for architects.

These were held in central London but as we can’t run live classes at the moment, we’ve decided to put them online starting with the most popular – how to do a development appraisal.

We hope to follow this with classes on finding land, raising finance and doing the deal. All sessions have a practical element to them and are as close as we can make them to the live classes.

The development appraisal online course is led by Developer Collective co-founder, Gus Zogolovitch.

The class includes:

  • a bespoke development appraisal template in Excel
  • a 25-minute video in which Gus goes through the appraisal line-by-line
  • a practical exercise which you can complete in your own time. This is based on a small site in London and recently sold at auction.
  • a second 25-minute video going through the practical so you can check your answers against Gus’s.
  • a chance to ask Gus questions on any part of the appraisal process.
  • both the template and videos have no expiry date and are yours to keep.

Before taking the course please watch the free online course – an introduction to property development. We will send you a link once you have registered.

If you have already signed up to receive Archiboo’s newsletters, we are offering a 20% discount on this course. The discount code is included in the most recent Archiboo newsletter.

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