The Architect Pitch @Clerkenwell Design Week

Thursday 21st May, 2015 | 2.45pm-4.00pm

The Farmiloe Building
34-36 St John Street
London EC1M 4AY

Pitching to clients can scare even the most confident of architects but how to give a synopsis of your practice and get complex ideas over quickly and in an engaging way is an important skill to master.

The Architect Pitch will be at the Clerkenwell Design Week on May 21st offering five architects the chance to try out their communication skills and then have their performance assessed by an expert panel.

The session is a fantastic opportunity to hone your brand message and learn those essential do’s and don’t when presenting to a live audience.

It will take place at the Farmiloe Building in the heart of Clerkenwell. Judges include Russ Edwards, Design Director of Pocket Living, Gus Zogolovitch, founder of Crowdestates and Inhabit Homes, Del Hossain, MD of the Adrem Group and David Hamilton, an architect and senior member of the Malcolm Reading Consultants team.

Previous pitches can be watched here.

Archiboo’s top ten tips to how to give a convincing pitch is here.

To register your interest please fill in the form below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible to let you know if you’ve been selected.

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.Please note that in order to get access to the Farmiloe Building where the Pitch is being held, you must register for CDW first, and bring prooof of registration with you. Registaration is very quick, and simple to do – see link below






Russ Edwards is Design Director of Pocket ; Del Hossain, MD of the Adrem Group ; David Hamilton, an architect and senior member of the Malcolm Reading Consultants team and Gus Zogolovitch is a director of Solid Space and founder of Crowdestates.

The five practices taking part are:

Alma-nac is a London based practice. It works with private, commercial and public clients across a wide range of scales and sectors. Critical to its approach as an architectural studio is the production of ideas. Be they small or large, it is the strength of our ideas that form the crux of all its projects.

Ash Sakula
Ash Sakula is dogged in its pursuit of beauty and in finding ways to do a lot with a little. It works on an unusually wide range of projects in Britain and overseas including regeneration, the arts, education, creative industries, housing and public space.

Azman Architects
Azman Architects built a reputation through remodelling private homes, cafes and creating the flagship store for the British designer Alexander McQueen. The strength of the practice lies with creating timeless bespoke residences and spaces with attention to detail and close knowledge of building costs and programme.

Denizen Works
Murray Kerr founded London based Denizen Works in early 2011 as a collaborative studio to develop projects of different scales that are founded in an understanding of place. It won RIBA Stephen Lawrence Prize 2014 for House No 7 on the Isle of Tiree in the Inner Hebrides.

Haptic Architects
Haptic is a London and Oslo based studio. Designs are conceptually driven and formed through a critical, iterative design process. A strong emphasis is given to how users interact with the buildings and spaces.It’s currently working on a wide range of building typologies.