How to think like an entrepreneur (video)

Thursday 8th January, 2015 | 4.50-8.30

Architects need to understand and prove the services they provide can make a difference to a client’s bottom line.

But if adding value is not solely just based on design skills, what’s the market knowledge that architects need to survive?

In other businesses, these include a relentless focus on the customer, understanding the importance of increasing sales and profits, and building brands.

Architects aren’t taught these skills. Unfortunately, little in the education of most architects gives them even the most basic understanding of how their customers’ businesses work commercially so they can structure their response around what they do.

But architect’s widely held distrust of being “commercial” is having serious consequences for the profession argues developer Roger Zogolovitch and his entrepreneur son Gus.

In the first talk in a new series on different models of practice, father and son argue that architects need to put as much emphasis on sales and marketing as design in order to grow a successful business.

And they will advise architects “to get their hands dirty” by expanding into other areas such as property development, in order to understand their own “creative commercial mode” and understand the decisions that have a tangible financial impact.


Roger Zogolovitch AADipl, RIBA. FRSA is a developer and the creative director of Solidspace exploring new typologies of housing.

New housing projects completed in London at Centaur Street, Waterloo, Essex Mews, Crystal Palace and Stapleton Hall Road, Stroud Green, and the Houseboat on Poole harbour, Dorset. All these houses are made in collaboration with architects respectively dRMM, Matthew Wood, Stephen Taylor and Meredith Bowles, and all are working around the Solidspace internal volumes.

He taught the London School of Economics postgraduate course Infrastructure and Development from 1998 until 2003. He was a Past President of the Architectural Association. He lectures regularly on design and development issues throughout the UK.

He is a member of the Royal Academy Client Committee. He is chairman of the RA Project Board for the delivery of David Chipperfield’s Masterplan to transform Burlington Gardens and link it to Burlington House. He has chaired Southwark DRP meetings during 2011 - 2014.