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In the future offices will be designed to make you work harder, 11 November 2014 | 8.00am – 9.30am

Speaker Greg Lindsay

Innovation is fundamentally social. Study after study has shown that the best ideas are more likely to arise from a casual chat around the water cooler or coffee shop than any scheduled meeting. They’re the result of serendipity,a chance encounter at the right time by the right people, regardless of…

Whatever happened to planning in London ?, 20 November 2014 | 8am-9.30am

Speaker James Wickham

London’s population is growing at a rate of two-thousand every eight days. By 2016 it’s projected to reach 8.7 million people.By 2050 it’s set to increase to more than 11 million. Based on these numbers,the capital will need another 400,000 homes over the next decade and almost a million by…